About Us

Sasson Textile Industries ltd. was established in 1990 by Mr. Sasson Sasson, who today acts as the company’s president.

 The factory began as a small family business, which manufactured a few products for personal and industrial use across Israel. 


Over the years, Mr. Sasson’s children joined the company, bringing with them a sense of youthfulness and fresh ideas.

As a result of the company’s continuous growth, in 2018, S.T.I. ltd. relocated the factory to Kidmat Galil Industrial Park. 


This move was to allow new and advanced production lines, which would in turn enhance the company’s production capabilities and quality.

 S.T.I. ltd. specializes in manufacturing & supplying a variety range of high quality  products to  a broad range of  customers such as hospitals ,hotels ,restaurant chains,offices ,supermarket chains etc..Ur products can be used in industrial manufacturing production environments ,as well as in household and home cleaning.

S.T.I. ltd. specializes in   non-woven dry and wet fabric rolls in a wide variety of sizes,weight,different mix of materials, folds,cuts,patterns, a variety of liquids .  

Today, Sasson Textile Industries ltd has centers in Israel , EU and USA having a worldwide activitie of distribution and marketing our quality products.

 Offering this type of high quality products ,with combination of fast innovative solution tailored specifically to our costumers requirement &competitive Price methods,mack us an innovative rising industry leader. .